This came into my email this week as part of a blog post from James Clear – highly recommended reading.

And then I was listening to Belle’s latest podcast this morning on sober tools, in which she read out one of her Medium articles on the subject, about building a sober house.

I am coming up to 5 years sober and I recognise that the pre-anniversary period is usually a tough time for me. The time of year and seasonal cues like the children going back to school triggers me, and I am drawn back into remembering how low and sad I was in the run-up to the decision to try to stop drinking. I put it that way because that was how I thought of it then. I was so hopeless and battered by my innumerable failures at moderation that I couldn’t raise my sights any higher than ‘try’. The hope and determination came after that decision, as a consequence of the bricks of sober days I laid, strenuously and seemingly interminably, one day, hour and sometimes minute at a time.

If you are newly sober, or going through a rough patch in later recovery –  keep laying those bricks. Keep reaching out for help. There are innumerable resources out there if you look for them. Ones I would recommend are Belle’s Sober Jumpstart class, or Kate’s Sober School, or One Year No Beer. (Post edited to add: Kate’s next online course begins on Monday 1 October. Worth a spin?)

It is worth it. Because everyone (me included) is unique and precious, just by virtue of being born into this world. Keep building – and one day you will look up, and realise that you have built the fucking Forum 😁

Prim xx