I seem to be blogging more than usual at the moment. my family is dealing with a lot right now and I am leaning heavily on my sober community to remind me of what is important in life – namely self-care, the people I love, and mini-Magnums…


if you could do with a little extra support, sober-wise, at the moment, you might like to sign up for a free resource – The Sober School Seven Day Summer Reset video series, which  starts tomorrow – Monday, 27 June.

Every day for a week Kate, who runs the site, will be sharing a short video and a small action step to take afterwards, in preparation for a fantastic alcohol free summer.

Kate started sobriety and blogging in April 2013, a little bit before I did. she then took the step into sober coaching. she writes an upbeat, cheerful blog on her colourful, modern website, and is very responsive to comments there.

she also offers a six week online group coaching programme (for which she charges, and her website doesn’t give details of how much that course is unless you register your interest). her next course starts on Monday 10 July.

ok, reader survey – milk chocolate, white chocolate, or almond?! Prim xx