I’ve been thinking (and thus blogging) a lot about fear recently. I’m addressing some issues in my life which I’ve never really got to grips with and am finding that the old habit of avoidance is a mean bar-fighter with many nasty tricks up his sleeve…

the title of this post is a quote from a 2014 Elizabeth Gilbert video which you can see here.

in it she reframes fear, saying that we should not view it as something – like Kryptonite – which is singular, precious, and terrible. instead we can consider it as boring, something mundane and everyday. in her words: “regular old Made in China fear. Walmart fear.”

I find this a very interesting way of de-fusing from fear. not trying to get rid of it, or fighting it, or asking whether it is valid – just putting it in its place, as something ubiquitous, something so commonplace as to not require our particular attention.

because the more importance I ascribe to my fears, the more magnificence they will take on…

in writing this I have remembered that I have written before about harnessing the power of boredom to take us where we want to go. in my experience, boredom can be a surprisingly tireless steed.

the truth is that yes, I am bored of being afraid. I am ready to take the next steps – alongside that tedious old fear if needs be.

how about you?

Prim xx