there was a great post recently on Mrs D’s website, where Sabien, an occupational therapist, gave her perspective on helping people in recovery. at the end of that post was a ‘Distress Management Checklist’ which gave a list of tools to use in changing how we feel when we are distressed.

this was one of the things I found most difficult in early recovery after decades of using alcohol as a kind of Swiss Army knife to manage all emotions. it can be hard to think of anything else to use, but this comprehensive list is a real eye-opener. I particularly liked how it is divided into the different senses – tools that come through the sensation of movement, or touch, smell, sound, sight and taste. do go and have a look if you need inspiration on how to change your emotional radio station.

we can take a fair-ground ride, or crochet. watch a fountain. cut a lemon in half, and inhale deeply. there are so many riches in life: let’s go and spend some!