Second full day of sober holiday today. Yesterday had a nice run in the morning followed by a very lazy day reading by the pool – Kate Morton’s The Lake House, a terrifically gripping mystery novel.

We had asked for a welcome pack at our villa which unexpectedly contained a bottle of rose wine and a six pack of beer. The latter didn’t bother me but at six pm last night whilst getting ready to go out for dinner I could hear the wine singing madrigals to me from the fridge. I had forgotten to ask my husband to pick up some tonic water when he went shopping so there was no replacement drink available, drat it! I put on my headphones and listened to the latest Since Right Now podcast whilst drying my hair, which did the trick.

I’ve also followed Mrs D’s advice and created a sober kit which I keep in a little makeup bag. Mine has some scented tea lights, a vial of Penhaligon’s Bluebell, and a bottle of lavender essential oil. I will be reaching my three year soberversary on the day after we return to England, and my sober kit also includes the necklace I have bought myself to mark that, which I can look at to remind myself of who I am – a very sober woman!

There is also the edible version of the sober kit, packed separately as I don’t want everything to taste of lavender, too. A variety of Pukka herbal teabags, Nakd fruit and nut bars, and some Nakd Salted Caramel  Date nibbles which are delicious despite looking exactly like rabbit droppings. The last edible item is the Chilli and Lime Chocolate. I have a row of squares last thing at night so I always have something naughty to look forward to and avoid that dangerous feeling of deprivation.

right, off on today’s run now, shortly to be followed by tonic on the terrace, darlings. Holiday hugs to you all! Prim xx