me, about to start on the sheets and towels.

the aftermath of emotional upheaval often seems to include catching up with the non-urgent domestic chores that have been left undone over the period of immediate crisis. the more so here as we are shortly off on a family holiday and most items in my house seem to be either in the wrong place, dirty, broken or even missing…

I’ve now noticed that my peak anxiety over any upcoming event, such as leaving on holiday, or hosting Christmas, occurs a few days before the actual event. whilst previously I would have believed that this anticipatory anxiety would continue building and growing to unbearable levels, I am now more able to assess it as a pre-somethingorother hump and ride it out.

I am less anxious about going on holiday than I was at this time last year. I’m glad I wrote about  the lessons I learnt last year so that I can take action on them this time. Mostly, I am filled with gratitude that I am heading off to sunnier climes with the people I love best in the world.

and with you guys, of course! you will be with me in spirit and, hopefully, on my phone – and hey, I don’t have to bloody PACK for you 🙂 Prim xx


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