there seem to have been a fair number of new followers to my blog recently (if that is YOU, then you are exceedingly welcome and I’m very glad you are here!)

which has got me thinking about what I can write that might help you, based on my own experience, and the experiences I have seen others go through over the last nearly two and a half years.

the process of stopping drinking is incredibly difficult, and I think it is fatally easy to mistake the process of getting sober for what it actually feels like to be sober. and as a result heart-breakingly many people stumble, often many times, in the early days.

getting sober is like starting on a journey. you don’t even know the destination, but you know it will begin with a long-haul flight.

sometimes the plane doesn’t take off when you hope it will, and that feels like absolute hell on earth.


and then if you do make it out of the departures lounge, then the flight begins. I will spare you long-drawn out similes about crashes, turbulence, crying babies and sick bags, both because I don’t want to trigger anyone with a flying phobia and because I have to go to work today 😉

you don’t know how long that initial flight will last. but eventually you realise that the first stage is over, and you have arrived at your initial destination. it may not look anything like what you expected – Ayres Rock, rather than the Pyramids? but you keep going, because you don’t want to go back. and then the journey continues on in ways that continue to surprise and astonish me every day.

if I could say one thing to people early in sobriety – days 1 to 100 are as different from days 800 to 900 as, say, Gatwick Airport to diving the Great Barrier Reef.

if you don’t like Gatwick, keep going! Prim xx

Coral outcrop on Flynn Reef