OH MY. a technology post?! if you knew me in Real Life the idea that I would write a post about apps would make you go to the dentist to have all your teeth removed and false ones fitted just in order that you could spit your dentures out at the mere idea.

as such I believe I am ideally placed to write a post for any other cave-dwellers out there about how to choose an app to help build good habits.


me and the Mr.

here’s what I did: I googled for a really long time until I found a sensible article called ‘the 10 best new habit tracking apps.

then I went and looked at all of those. it was quite interesting because it made me identify what I was looking for. simple or complicated? did I want lots of habits or a few? what information did I want to glean from the app?

I decided that I would be happiest with the simplest possible app, enabling me to track up to 5 habits. I wanted to be able to specify what time of day I should complete them, and whether I wanted to do them every day, or on certain days of a week. what I particularly wanted to do was to be able to see when I had achieved a streak of days. I wanted to be able to see at a glance whether I had any habits to do that day. I also didn’t want to pay any money 😉

what I went for in the end was Productive, which I thought was elegant, simple to use (and free!) it can be upgraded later to more than 5 habits if I want to. the app sits on my iPhone very tidily, and shows a red alert badge with the number of uncompleted habits for that day. I do like that it measures not just the days you do all the habits, but also the ones where you manage some but not all. I am no longer in the self-flagellation business!

the idea is that I will use this to continue to track my meditation habit – and also for some pre-existing habits (exercise and meds).  based on my past behaviour since stopping drinking, I clearly find an unbroken string of days motivating, and I am pleased to have found this new way of recording my efforts. I particularly like the way it makes me focus on what I think is really important to do every day.

if you are newly sober, perhaps you might like to use this app to record your new self-care habits? eg time outside, talking to a friend, eating something delicious, hot bath and getting to bed at a good time?

what could you think of to use such an app for? have you ever used anything similar, and did you find it helpful? I’d be interested to know! Prim xx

PS – according to my Productive Life Log:  ‘February – 1 perfect day 🙂