having made it through December and New Year I’ve been thinking about what went well for me, and what went not so well, and thought I’d note it down here so I can repeat or avoid it accordingly in future. because I will forget, otherwise, won’t I?!

so, what disasters threatened to swamp or overwhelm me during the festivities?


  • I had my usual battle with perfectionism over pretty much EVERYTHING. I recognised it, and kept it within reasonable bounds, but it was still there, like a caged tiger trying to eat ME up. room for improvement.
  • one notable exception being my own personal appearance. when looking at where my money has gone over the last twelve months I am, frankly, mortified at how little I spend on clothes. I have never exactly been a fashion maven (HA!) but I do like to look as if I am taking care of myself and to be honest much of my wardrobe is either dated or shabby. I often rather buy books than a new piece of clothing (books always fit…) I would like to have at least a few pretty new things to wear to reflect how lovely I feel inside these days.
  • the guidelines I had set myself about internet usage went out of the window over the holidays. I justified this to myself as ‘just for Christmas’ but I felt scattered and fretful sometimes as a consequence.
  • non-alcoholic drink provision went well over Christmas, with one exception – I forgot to stock up with sparkling mineral water. the NA alternatives I had were pretty much all very sugary, and I actually had a sugar headache by the end of Christmas Day. sparkling mineral water is both better for me and cheaper than anything else, so will stock up next time.
  • not enough cheese. never enough cheese. more quantities and varieties of cheese required!

and then what went triumphantly well?

  • well, I loved writing the Delicious in December series! that was hugely helpful for me personally, making sure that I spent some time each day planning and plotting different ways to look after myself. I’m not sure I have the time to commit to it again, but I would love to do so, as it was such great fun!
  • we hosted both Christmas and New Year, which suited me well. in particular hosting New Year meant the environment and evening was very much under my control, and I had virtually no social anxiety about how the evening would go, certainly compared to the previous New Year.
  • running and meditation kept up pretty much during this time. hormones less under my control unfortunately, and am now taking more supplements accordingly, so I’m counting that as a lesson learnt and thus a win 😉
  • remembering (more or less) that I get frazzled towards the end of each school holiday and that this is NORMAL and does not mean that I do not love my children to bits. ahem.
  • making sure I do what is fun for ME amidst the slew of events. in particular, doing a challenging off road race (hurrah!) and on the other end of the scale meeting an old friend for a delicious lunch and chat. both of which I would previously had said I didn’t have time to do. which is clearly nonsense.

so, are there any things you would do differently, or make sure you do again, about your Christmas, with the joys of hindsight?

and is your tree down yet?! mine is 😉 Prim xx