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I know. I thought it was a pretty silly idea for a smoothie, too, which is why I made it ๐Ÿ™‚

the recipe is mine but was inspired here. here’s what I did:

  • take 200ml of tinned coconut milk and place in a blender goblet. in practice this meant opening a tin and carving away half of the solids that have risen to the top, weighing those, then making the weight up to 200g with the fluid that’s left beneath.
  • add 100 ml of almond milk and a handful of greens – I used a couple of chard leaves with the ribs removed, but spinach or even the dreaded kale would work too.
  • whizz as much as possible.
  • add the zest of half a lime and the juice of one and a half limes (see below for comment)
  • add the flesh of half an avocado, a chopped banana, and a tablespoon of honey, and whizz again.
  • taste, giggling. be surprised at how scrumptious it is!

this is a real Trojan horse of a recipe, using some of the richest possible ingredients to smuggle a few leafy greens into your body. I made it with full fat coconut milk and had it for breakfast and didn’t need to eat anything else till I had a pretty late lunch so it is really filling! I might try it again with half-fat coconut milk, not from any over-scrupulous calorie-pinching motive but because it was incredibly rich. then again you could always make this recipe serve 2, as I suspect it is designed to ๐Ÿ˜‰

re the lime juice – I started with the juice of one whole lime, but when I tasted it the coconut milk was over-powering, rather like drinking Hawaiian Tropic suntan lotion. bleargh. it needed the extra half a lime’s worth of juice to cut through that, then it was fine. if you use half-fat coconut milk it might be worth starting with one lime’s juice and then adding more if you need it.

I didn’t make the graham cracker-rimmed glass as my irony needle was already quivering dangerously close to the RED zone – I wish I had, now! if you are reading this from the States do you know that we don’t possess graham crackers in the UK? we have digestive biscuits instead which are much thicker and designed to be dunked in a cup of tea I think…

digestive biscuits are social animals and travel in groups. they are never ever either seen or consumed singly.

in the process of drafting this post I have now discovered that Ocado doย sell graham crackers – for ยฃ5.45 a box! flipping Norah, will stick to McVities ๐Ÿ˜‰

in other news I had my annual report from WordPress today. a humungous thank you to my regular commenters and readers! and if you are newer here (there’ve been quite a few new signers-up recently) hello and WELCOME! one slightly terrifying statistic was the number of page views in 2015 – which was 28,000, or enough to fill Sydney Opera House 10 times over. whilst I know that many many of those will be those pesky bots, the idea that the blog has been looked at so many times makes me really pleased and proud. thank you for being here! love, Prim xx