after yesterday’s festive eating blowout a smoothie-for-breakfast felt called for. I didn’t have anything planned (slapped sober wrist) so went scavenging for ingredients. the obvious candidate was a Pringle, Chestnut Stuffing and Quality Street Smoothie but I felt that might not have the required vital nutritional content šŸ˜‰

I ended up making this Blueberry Lemon Ginger smoothie instead. which is one of a number bookmarked on my phone as possible candidates for this series, so maybe it was kind of planned? here’s what I did:

  • place 200ml almond milk in blender goblet. (I would normally have added a couple of leaves of chard, spinach or kale at this point but couldn’t face going out into the wuthering darkness to pick them.)
  • add 100g of greek yoghurt. I used honey greek yoghurt so didn’t add any extra sweetener – if liked you could add honey or chopped dates at this point.
  • add 80g of frozen blueberries and a chopped banana. the recipe calls for fresh blueberries and a frozen banana. I found that the frozen blueberries made it quite cold enough, but freezing the banana does give any smoothie considerable creaminess.
  • add 1tbsp lemon juice. I worried that this would curdle all that dairy – it was fine.
  • take a small knob of fresh ginger, peel and chop finely. the recipe says 1TEASPOON. definitely don’t use a tablespoon by mistake! a teaspoon makes it quite gingery enough.
  • add 1 tbsp chia seeds if liked or not if not.

this made a tangy light purple drink which was really refreshing and light. and the name Ā I’ve given it is down to my teenage son. he came down to find me sitting in an armchair, sipping the smoothie through a straw and stroking the purring cat on my lap, and asked me, grinning:Ā “Mum – are you being Healthy Blofeld?”Ā 

I am feeling the joy of being sober and without a hangover on Boxing Day morning. bright and breezy enough to concoct and prepare delicious food for myself and be teased about it by those I love. connecting with those around me and those far away. being super-proud of sober warriors who are CRUSHING being sober at Christmas whether for the first time or for the second or third time.

at the same time, hurting for those who haven’t found a way to do so, or who are still in denial and accepting the convenient societal blanket that is thrown across alcohol dependence. if we can’t see it, it can’t be there… except, it is, and its harm can reverberate down generations. did you see this powerful post at letting go? what we do makes a difference. our choices can change our own futures and the futures of those around us. let’s keep walking on the right path, yes?

Sober Boxing Day love and good wishes to you all. Prim xx