this recipe was made to use up the strawberry and basil pulp I had left over when I made Pickpocket Soda. it is based on this thugkitchen recipe – be warned, R rated recipe website 😉 here’s what I did:

  • slice a banana and freeze for an hour or more
  • place 200ml almond milk in blender goblet
  • chop 2 chard leaves and whizz with milk. (this wasn’t in original recipe and is my attempt to make amends to my arteries for the recent sea salt hot chocolate!)
  • remove basil stems from strawberry pulp and add pulp to blender. you could use 200g of frozen or fresh strawberries at this point.
  • I then added some of the Pickpocket syrup – use honey or maple syrup if you like
  • add frozen sliced banana and 2 tbsp of porridge oats and blend all together. taste and adjust sweetness or consistency if required.

as thugkitchen says – success tastes like strawberries! Prim xx