this recipe was published in The Simple Things. I made it with Green and Black’s Sea Salt Milk Chocolate, like this:

  • place 250ml double cream and 250ml milk into a medium sized saucepan.
  • add 100g of chocolate, broken into pieces, and 1tbsp caster sugar.
  • heat gently, whisking constantly, until chocolate is melted.
  • taste for saltiness. add salt, very tentatively, if required. you need an only just detectable tang of salt.
  • remove pan from heat and quickly whisk in one egg yolk.
  • strain through sieve into two mugs, and serve.

the colour of my version was much lighter than in the photo above, where they probably used a 70% cocoa solids chocolate.

it was delicious but almost criminally rich…. as it should be given the ingredients! I might make it again, trying it with another chocolate flavour for a broader appeal as not all members of my family adore the sea salt tang as much as I do. for example, Montezuma do an Orange and Geranium Chocolate which might work well here.

if I made it again I might also increase the proportion and/or the quantity of milk to make a lighter drink. I thought this technique worked very well, though – in particular the addition of the egg yolk is great if you are aiming for a really luscious, creamier-even-than-cream texture. the drink would also be useful if you knew you weren’t going to be eating again for a week 😉