this drink is one I’d never even heard of until I began writing this series of blog posts. it is essentially a spiced hot milk drink, but I’d found recipes with a variety of ingredients, ranging from coconut to almond to cows’ milk, and spiced with turmeric and ginger or other spices such as cinnamon.

the recipe I ended up using was from Amanda Rose at freshbitesdaily. by the way I love her idea of Good Day Strategies. she says:

‘Stresses challenge us every single day and our best preparation for them is to lay a solid foundation in our life so that when we wake up to a bad day, we have structures in place to make it “less of a bad day” than it would have been otherwise. In the process, we find a good day now and then, and then, we find more good days still.’

her recipe also gave references for the health benefits of turmeric, with its anti-inflammatory properties, and the most precise method for this drink. I distrust recipes that airily breeze over what I know can be tricky techniques such as heating milk without scalding it.

oh, and beware the staining properties of turmeric! this is not a drink to spill on a white sofa 🙂

here’s what I did:

  • please note THESE QUANTITIES ARE FOR TWO PEOPLE. they are eminently halveable  (is that a word?!) but I did this quantity primarily because I thought it would be easier to stop the milk burning on the bottom of the saucepan, and it was.
  • place 500ml of cows’ milk in a medium sized pan.
  • add 1tsp dried turmeric.
  • cut a half inch thick coin of fresh ginger, peel and dice. add to pan with a few grinds of black pepper and 1 tsp of maple syrup or honey.
  • heat milk over a moderate heat until it starts to simmer. I whisked mine gently and constantly with a small balloon whisk, and simmered it for a couple of minutes. this is a little nerve-wracking so don’t try and do anything else at the same time.
  • the recipe said then to leave to steep – I left this out as I am impatient and also don’t like the idea of a skin forming (ugh ugh ugh).
  • strain using a tea-strainer into two mugs.

this was a really interesting and delicious drink, not like anything I’d had before. it was reminiscent of a properly made egg-custard, milky, sweet and spicy. the deep yellow colour was amazingly vibrant and cheered me up just looking at it. the flavour was warm and earthy, balanced with a twang of sharpness from the ginger.

I will be making this again! I have seen turmeric root locally and might pick some up… there was a slight sediment at the bottom of the mug from the turmeric powder which would presumably not arise if the root were used. I would say therefore it’s definitely worth using fresh rather than powdered ginger if you have it, or you could use a coffee filter paper if the sediment bothers you.

the process of making the Golden Milk is also absorbing and calming. the focus on taking time to make something delicious and nourishing for oneself is so valuable, and a far cry from the instant and ultimately deceptive ‘relief’ of pouring an alcoholic drink.