it is a miracle that we get avocados at all in England in December. if we are lucky they taste of something and we actually hit the 0.003 nanosecond window between stage 6 and stage 7.

this recipe is from go and have a look at their pretty pictures! I had mine for lunch one day when I was anticipating a particularly delicious and huge dinner. here’s how I made mine:

  • put 150ml almond milk into a blender goblet.
  • add 2 de-stemmed chard leaves and whizz. these were not in the original recipe, and were a sop to the fact that I was basically having chocolate baby food for lunch πŸ™‚
  • add the flesh of a small avocado, 100g of frozen strawberries, 1 tbsp of cacao powder, and 1 tbsp honey, and whizz again. I thought the frozen strawberries might be hard to liquidise, but they were fine.
  • check for consistency and sweetness and add more almond milk/cacao powder/honey if desired.

this had a real hit of strawberry, mmmmm.Β having frozen fruit in the freezer is something I am finding really helpful. it’s so convenient and – particularly if I hide it under something dull – the gannets in the rest of the family often don’t even realise it is there πŸ™‚