today’s recipe uses Blossom Cottage Morello Cherry Cordial, which Lou put me onto, so thank you, Lou!

  • squeeze half a lime and add the juice and the squeezed quarters to a tall glass.
  • add a centimetre or so of the cherry cordial.
  • add ice
  • add ginger ale, or ginger beer. I was using up some Canada Dry ginger ale but it would have been nicer I think with my later discovery, Fentimans Ginger Beer.

in other news am reporting here what I think is a hormonal mood trough. one benefit of keeping a gratitude journal is that I can see patterns more clearly and how they fit with my cycles. think I am coming up to two weeks now of what could be PMT and am fed up with it… doing the right things, keeping up with running, meditation, sleep etc. and am just about managing not to rip my husband’s head off when he says something well-meaning, or affectionate (poor sod). have let vitamins slide for quite a while now, maybe need to get back to those….

mostly I think I need it to stop BLOODY RAINING.