naming a herbal tea ‘Love’ is definitely a super-effective marketing idea. Pukka Teas are always a hit in this household. I am prepared to pay a little bit more for the beautiful packaging, in particular as the individual paper sachets mean that the teas stay fresh for longer, and you can keep several in your bag and be that crazy person who asks for a cup of boiling water, please, and then can smugly sip on their own special favourite rather than being subjected to sub-standard British Rail coffee.

this tea contains a number of ingredients and was devised by Pukka’s splendidly titled Master Herbsmith, Sebastian Pole. see interview with Sebastian here about the qualities of the herbs it contains. according to elsewhere on Pukka’s website, he originally devised the herb tea in order to woo and win his now wife – so it is appropriately named!

If you aren’t a fan of the sometimes overly pronounced hay flavour of chamomile, you might enjoy this tea, where it is balanced with the sweetness of rose and lavender. and isn’t giving yourself a little more Love each day what recovery is all about?