Michael Fassbender’s Mr Rochester

ok that was TOTALLY a click-bait post title. and I have just spent far too long online debating who is most like the version of Mr Rochester in my own head. luckily we don’t have to choose, we can have ALL of them πŸ™‚

Toby Stephens, wondering where I am. reader, I fancied him.

the actual ginger cordial is really called Rochester Dark Ginger. its colour in the glass is a little like William Hurt’s.

surely she will be here soon?

as their website says, it has the kick of two mules. you need only a small glass to sip at on the sofa for the duration of an hour’s television programme. I’m really pleased to have discovered it.

occasionally my husband will have a glass of brandy, or whisky, in that late-at-night time slot and it’s nice for me to be able to accompany him. which is hilarious, really, because I never drank like that. what would be the point, just to have a Β teeny-tiny glass of something because I liked the taste? so I am missing something I never had – or looking at it another way, now discovering that pleasure which I have not experienced before.

Timothy Dalton, from 1983. a little too manicured perhaps?

you do need something to eat to accompany it. I had a Graze pack of semi-dried cranberries, pears and rhubarb pieces, which went well with it.

Ciaran Hinds not doing a great deal for me, it has to be said, but possibly better cast than some of the prettier versions above

also I can use the pretty crystal glasses. those would have been triggery for me a while back but now I am enjoying using them because I have found something that suits the new me to put in them.

Mr Rochester’s appeal can be divisive (summed up well here) but if you like ginger then Rochester Dark Ginger is indisputably a Good Thing! Prim xx