I am fast becoming the Mango Queen.

cashew nuts are one of the foodstuffs I cannot have in the house as they will teleport themselves from the cupboard into my mouth seemingly without the intervention of my brain. so when I discovered the remnants of a packet I obviously hadn’t known they were there or they wouldn’t have been!

this recipe is based on one of Ella’s. go and look at her pictures, which are much prettier than mine – mine looked like broccoli soup πŸ™‚ I had mine for lunch. one of the top tips I was given about making green smoothies is that you should start with just liquid and green leaves (spinach, kale, chard, whathaveyou) and liquidise those as fully as possible first, before adding other ingredients. this reduces the level of green bits in your smoothie.

  • add 100ml of almond milk and 100ml of mango juice to blender goblet
  • add a handful of greens – Ella used spinach, I used 2 chard leaves with stalks removed – and blitz
  • add the flesh of a whole avocado. you could use just a half if it’s a drink rather than a meal.
  • add a peeled chopped banana, the juice of one lime and some cashews, blitz again and add more liquid if necessary. I added a bit more mango juice.

this was really filling, and would make a good breakfast. there were some bits in it from the cashews, which I didn’t soak. I think I will get some cashew butter in and use that instead another time, which would reduce the bittiness. the flavour of the cashews worked very well with that of the other ingredients. Prim xx