‘Orange and Cherry Reflections’ by Patti Mollica

I don’t know whether the soft drink range J20 is available outside the UK? they are produced by the English soft drinks company Britvic, and have been around for at least 16 years because they were available when I was pregnant for the first time! they come in small bottles and are commonly available in pubs. their mango and apple made me feel as if I was not entirely bereft whilst socialising…

the company has just brought out a couple of new flavours: orange, cherry and chocolate, and orange, lemon and winter spice. I tried out the former yesterday evening and rather liked it. it needs a good shake before opening the metal-capped bottle. the drink itself was not overly sweet and the chocolate was only just detectable, coming through as an appealing earthiness against the predominantly cherry flavour with a backnote of orange.

I had it alongside a bowl of freshly-made black pepper popcorn from Graze, and the two went really well together – yum! Prim xx