image and recipe credit – Lakeland

having found this recipe online but not book-marked it I had to find it again by Googling its title.  I was amused to discover that a Blueberry Buzz is also the name of an electronic device that would put a smile on your face for an entirely different reason 😉

ahem. back to the kitchen! here’s what I did:

  • place 150g of blueberries in a liquidiser goblet. I used frozen which meant there was no need for ice. fresh would be fine too.
  • add 150g of Greek yoghurt. I used honey-flavoured.
  • add honey. the recipe asks for 3 tbsps. which seems a lot! having used sweetened yoghurt I only used 1 tbsp.
  • add milk. the recipe says 125ml – I found this far too thick, and probably used at least 200ml.
  • blend and adjust sweetness/consistency if required.

the final product was a deep purple, much more so than in the picture above. it was very heavy on the fruit and if/when I make it again I would probably use far fewer blueberries, or perhaps replace them with one banana and say 50g blueberries?

I’m finding it great fun finding recipes of new combinations of pantry staples. it’s rewarding to realise that there are so many new possibilities using what I’ve already got.

just like with sobriety – everything we need is already inside.  post-edited to add: although sometimes we may need a Good Witch of the North to tell us so…

have a smashing weekend from me and Glinda! Prim xx