image credit: Cook Like Priya

as one dark and gloomy English winter day follows another I start to crave colour and sunshine, which I found in plenty in Priya’s wonderful recipe for a mango mocktail.

I’ve adapted her recipe to what you could call the corner-shop version. here’s what I did:

  • half fill a tall glass with Rubicon mango juice.
  • core a red-skinned eating apple, and cut half of it into small chunks. add to glass with a couple of icecubes.
  • top up with diet lemonade, leaving an half-inch or so of space at the top of the glass.
  • the mixed drink will froth up, with the red-skinned apple bobbing to the surface, so you can have a little in each mouthful.


and hey presto – sunshine on a cloudy day! Prim xx