this recipe had me at its title, frankly. in his sometimes misconstrued tribute to the female form, Jake Thackray’s song begins:

‘I love a good bum on a woman, it makes my day.
To me it is palpable proof of God’s existence, a posteriori.’

well, that’s how I feel about peanut butter. so finding this recipe on a blustery nasty day restored my faith in all sorts of things (and in the long run may also have a significant effect on the size of my own already imposing posterior). but if you don’t share a similar affection for peanut butter you may wish to skip this post!

the photographs on Minimalist Baker’s post are just stunning. do go and have a look. my images just looked sludgy, but the finished product was completely scrumptious. I haven’t used frozen sliced banana before and it was a great addition, bringing a deep chill to the rich, nutty shake. here’s what I did:

  • slice one banana and place in sandwich bag in freezer for a few hours – maybe five.
  • place frozen sliced banana in liquidiser goblet along with 2 tbsp chunky peanut butter.
  • add chocolate: I used 1tbsp cacao powder because I had it in, and I find it less bitter than cocoa. (here’s a description of the difference between the two, if you’re interested.) but cocoa or chocolate drinking powder would work too.
  • add a couple of dates, chopped up. soak for 10 mins in hot water first if not sticky and moist. these are primarily for sweetness, so you could use brown sugar or honey if you don’t have dates to hand.
  • add milk – about 250ml to start with. I used almond milk but cows’ milk would be fine too.
  • blend as much as possible. I used a stick blender which is not ideal and ended up with little bits of date at the bottom of the shake which I ate with a long spoon. one day I will stump up for a Nutribullet…
  • add more liquid depending on what consistency you like. taste and add more chocolate or dates if it needs it.
  • dust top with cacao powder.
  • fight off encroaching family members and hunch defensively over glass, while cackling, “It’s mine! all MINE!” 

I had this as a 4pm post-run and pre-Christmas concert snack, and it kept me going for the several hours until a belated supper. it would work well as a breakfast.

also, perhaps, for when you have victoriously navigated a tricky evening out and need a treat timetabled as a reward for when you get in? it would be like eating peanut butter straight from the jar with a spoon – but mindfully 🙂

oh, and it’s my monthiversary today (25 months!) so – cheers! Prim xx


image credit and hand-stamped vintage spoon available from La De Da Living