FullSizeRender-50what I needed recently was something fruity, sweet, spicy and warming. so this is what I came up with:

  • place around 3oz of frozen blueberries and 2tbsp of maple syrup (less if you prefer) in a ramekin. you could use sugar if you don’t have maple syrup. microwave until it starts to boil. leave for a bit while you go off and do something else so the blueberries get all soggy. I did it in a ramekin so I could see what was happening but you’d be fine doing it in the same mug as long as you don’t let them boil over. if you did this in larger quantities doing it on a pan on the stove would make more sense.
  • pour into a mug and reheat in microwave.
  • cut a coin of fresh ginger maybe 0.25cm thick, peel it and cut it into thick matchsticks. think oven chips for Borrowers.
  • add ginger to mug and bash about a bit, then top up with boiling water. sip gently and eat blueberries with a teaspoon. eat ginger if you like, or leave.

this was soothing, quite sweet (not a surprise with all that maple syrup!) and less acidic than black-currants can be in cold remedies.

if you try this at home, remember the lesson of Violet Beauregarde and don’t have too much of a good thing! Prim xx