image credit – KariAnne at Thistlewood Farm

dear reader – may I offer you a scrumptious non-alcoholic treaty drink for every day of December?!

if I can keep it up, that is! because in an ideal world I would have thought of it, you know, a couple of weeks ago, and scheduled all the posts already. as it is you will get these on the hoof, or I will miss the odd day due to pressures of work/carol concert attendance/mince pie eating. but let’s give it a whirl.

a few provisos – I will link to the original source of the recipe but I will probably tinker with it and post the tinkered recipe too. photos may be my own or from the source. and most importantly I will have road-tested all the recipes myself. I know – I live for others 😉

I thought it would be fun to do this during the month of December, something maybe we can do together and have a bit of sober solidarity and yumminess in the silly season. perhaps you could stock up on cranberry juice!

the recipe for the Cranberry Fizz mocktail is here. this is how I made mine – for one glass:

  • mix 1.5 tablespoons of caster sugar and 0.25 teaspoons of ground cinnamon in a bowl. you will have some of this left over for your porridge the next morning.
  • cut a lime in half and rub around the rim of a tall glass. hold the glass upside down or the lime juice will dribble messily down the sides of the glass.
  • dip the edge of the glass into the sugar mixture, then turn glass right way up. leave to dry for a few minutes if you can be bothered and have the patience (unlike me).
  • squeeze the half lime and add juice to glass.
  • fill glass half with cranberry juice and then half with ginger ale. I used Ocean Spray Cranberry and Raspberry juice which is what I always have in the house, which made it a bit sweeter than it could be perhaps? and Schweppes Canada Dry Ginger Ale because that’s what they had in the local garage. (keeping it classy as ever.) nb here in the UK whilst ginger beer can sometimes have an alcoholic content, ginger ale seldom does, but perhaps check labels!
  • add a few cubes of ice if you have it, maybe a sprig of mint ditto. et voila!

this recipe was particularly nice with the powdered sugar and cinnamon around the rim. something that’s really easy to do and felt terribly naughty!

let me know if you try any of the recipes, and what you think. happy December! Prim xx