this is how I feel!

two years sober today! hurrah!

yesterday’s post was reflective on the past, and there will be a post soon I think on what my thoughts and hopes are for the future. but this post will be about how I am celebrating today, this day, this moment. thankfully, the celebrations did not extend to wing walking πŸ˜‰

the day started beeyooutifully with some lovely messages from sober penpals. (mwwaahh darlinks, you know who you are…) and thanks too for the well wishes in the commentsΒ on my last post. and even my sweet husband remembered and gave me some pretty jewellery, which meant a lot to me.

later I took myself off to a nearby town for a delicious lunch at my favourite vegetarian cafe. I was tickled pink to receive this, after ordering the spicy sweet potato pie:


“I’ll have some of your scrumptious Sober Pie, please! Thank you!”

I then did some much anticipated shopping, buying myself a treat for each year I’d been sober πŸ˜‰ (maybe you could try this if you are in the early days? 3 treats on Day 3? 4 treats on Day 4, etc? you need them more than I do right now, tbh. if that’s where you are, you are a ROCK STAR. keep going!)

anyway. my treats were a new handbag and a hammered silver ring. appropriate to celebrate the fact that I am never going to get hammered again?!

the ring feels solid on my hand – a reminder of the strength and beauty I have found in my new sober existence.


and, in case you are concerned, I can confirm that there has been cake. Nigella’s chocolate fudge cake, to be precise. please – have a slice! it’s really rather good. I wish I could have all of you around one table to thank you for the support, perspective, wisdom, and humour that you so unfailingly provide. let’s see what happens next! Prim xx