this is the final (I promise!) post about my recent holiday. apparently it takes me longer to catch up with blogging about it than it does to get the holiday laundry processed…

I was so glad to have taken my favourite herbal tea bags with me. my meditation time was a precious space to myself, first thing in the morning, before the others surfaced. very like running in a new place, it grounded me there. linked me to myself, whichever country I happened to be in.

two years previously I would never have believed I would spend a week’s holiday entirely sober and with no tug whatsoever in my heart to drink. well, it can be done. I have experienced it.

I think I’ve blogged previously about when I found online support for sobriety. it was in the airport, on the return from that last family holiday. I was hungover and sick at heart. I remember very clearly the precise moment when I searched on my phone something along the lines of ‘how to stop drinking’ and one of the suggestions came up as something like ‘women stopping drinking’ and I thought, oh? what’s that? and clicked on it.

and ‘that’ was Unpickled’s blog, and thence to Belle’s, both of which I read, agog, while the children bickered around me, and while we trailed around the cordoned pathways towards security. at the airport on the way home this time, I had a compelling flashback to that moment. it brought tears of gratitude to my eyes. I am so hugely happy that I have found my way home to my own life.

here’s a picture of the sunrise from our terrace on our last day there. thank you, sobriety, for every one of your gifts. morning by morning new mercies I see…