I am coming up to what I’m thinking of as one of my last sober firsts – the sober family holiday.

my previous such holiday was this time two years ago. it was deeply sad in hindsight, since I was mostly focused on how much alcohol I could get away with consuming. my first day sober was the day after we landed back in the UK, so actually there are quite a few painful memories bubbling to the surface now.

I’m not worried as such that I will want to drink, but I am concerned I think that I will be bored, or grumpy. I am aware that this makes me sound like a spoilt cow, but it is based on feelings I have had on previous holidays. I am hoping hard that those feelings of boredom and irritability arose from either me not having as much access to alcohol as I wanted, or – having had such access – were due to its after-affects. I also worry that I will miss my routines, and that will throw me off kilter and mean I won’t enjoy the holiday as much as I want to.

we’re lucky enough to be staying in a villa somewhere warm(er). it has wi-fi so I will still be in touch with the sobersphere, but only on my phone so I won’t be writing long blog posts or emails! I’m taking the traditional ridiculous suitcase of books, my Headspace app, assorted herbal teas and my running kit, so those will be on the menu as usual. I like leaving researching excursions to when we are on our way – part of the excitement – so we will be getting out and about, and I’m really looking forward to being firing on all cylinders all the time. if you’ve already done the sober family holiday thing then your advice or experiences would be really appreciated…

emailing with Lou earlier we were discussing sober firsts and which ones we have left to go. so as I’m in list mode at the moment here is my list of 50 potential sober firsts, many of which I’ve done, and some I’ve not yet done. just for fun and this is not a competition! if you have even one of these you are doing brilliantly 🙂

this sober firsts list is also to enumerate to myself all of the things that it turns out I didn’t need alcohol to celebrate or to get through…here goes…….

  1. sober an entire day
  2. sober Friday night
  3. sober Saturday night
  4. sober sex
  5. sober birthday
  6. sober weekend away to someone else’s house
  7. sober reading an entire book
  8. sober watching an entire film on television
  9. sober drinks party
  10. sober Sunday lunch with guests
  11. sober visit to pub
  12. sober Christmas
  13. sober cleaning the house (is this just me?)
  14. sober argument with partner
  15. sober meal at restaurant
  16. sober New Year’s Eve
  17. sober moving house
  18. sober Valentine’s Day
  19. sober partner’s birthday
  20. sober child’s birthday party
  21. sober death of close family member
  22. sober girls’ weekend away
  23. sober theatre visit
  24. sober visit to in laws
  25. sober divorce (not on the cards! but people go through it sober)
  26. sober dinner party at home
  27. sober dinner party at someone else’s house
  28. sober visit to cocktail bar
  29. sober church fete
  30. sober school sports day
  31. sober hen party
  32. sober wedding
  33. sober funeral
  34. sober deciding to have a pet put to sleep
  35. sober broken bone
  36. sober romantic weekend in European capital city
  37. sober blocked lavatory
  38. sober starting new job
  39. sober wedding anniversary
  40. sober medical investigations
  41. sober flying
  42. sober black tie event
  43. sober music festival
  44. sober half marathon
  45. sober child’s school play
  46. sober camping
  47. sober child starting new school
  48. sober self starting new course
  49. sober learning a new skill (to fly a plane? to ski? to crochet?)
  50. sober family holiday

I make me at 43 out of 50 so far … and as someone else in similar circumstances said to Belle:

“so – are you telling me this is going to be fine, too?!”

please add in comments any sober firsts you can think of I haven’t included above!

perhaps I will have to start working on the National Trust’s list of 50 things to do before you are 11 and three quarters…right – I’m off to roll down a really big hill. sober, of course! Prim xx