I’ve had a rocky couple of days this week. all good now and work stuff mostly – the sort you need to go through to get better at what you do but it feels like your fingernails are being pulled out without an anaesthetic…

I came across a post from Mastin Kipp of The Daily Love, about finding grace in setbacks. there’s a video here but these are the words that particularly helped me (emphasis added by me):

‘And so what we get to do when you’re going through a hard time, I call them the divine storm where the whole universe, or god, seems to be against you. When you’re in those moments of crisis and setback, to really ask yourself the question, what’s the lesson here?

And not the lesson that promotes your smallness. Like I’m not enough. Or I’m a loser. I should quit. Not like a small, smallness, little thinking, fear lesson. I’m talking about the rich spiritual lesson.

Because in every crisis, and every heartbreak, and every moment of sadness, or heart wrenching, crying and the ugly cry, all those moments, where we have those moments, there is grace. There is a larger yes. And when we find meaning inside those moments, it gives us the will to live. It gives us the ability to show up and face the world, and really want to be here.’

thinking of anyone who is struggling today – and thinking particularly of rivieradinah who has been having a tough time. sending out love to you all.

not the lesson that promotes your smallness. that’s not the lesson.

Prim xx