just popping in to post this – Hannah Betts is a British journalist who writes for papers including the Telegraph and the Evening Standard. today she is on the front of the Saturday Telegraph Weekend section with an article about reaching one year sober.

she writes honestly and movingly (yes, I cried reading it) and with great style. go on – go and read it here

it was just so heartening to see her words given such prominence – in particular, this:

‘I am writing this because it is not just my story. The way I drank is the way ever more of us drink, women not least. Every fresh news story about alcohol confirms that professionals drink dangerously, people over 50 drink dangerously, our entire society drinks with an abandoned, kamikaze glee. It has been difficult explaining my metamorphosis because listeners tend to say: “Oh, you weren’t a drunk – that’s just normal.” And it is.

People refer to our culture as “alcogenic”. It isn’t, it is alcophiliac. Drink is not merely the socially acceptable addiction, but the socially approved fix. Alcohol is how our society detaches itself from stress, be it the angst of work or parenthood. It is how it celebrates and mourns, marks the holiday and the everyday. Millions of people – like me – come under the category “functional alcoholic”, as if the “functional” somehow negates the disease.’

SO BLOODY TRUE!!!!! and once more,  I am suffering from a deficiency of sufficiently large capital letters 😉

I raise a no-jito to you, Hannah – and wish you many more sober years to come!