Ghost Ship by George Grie

after yesterday’s post referring to Gretchen Rubin I had a look around her website, and found one entry on how we search for loopholes – a topic I think is particularly appropriate for those of us who are stopping drinking. there is always a loophole for that, if you look hard enough… here’s Gretchen’s post summarising the loopholes we can invoke to justify breaking a new habit in a particular situation. do any of them seem familiar to you? for me this was like those are-you-drinking-too-much quizzes, I just kept pressing ‘yes’ all the way down…

I’m hard-pressed to choose a favourite – they are all so appealing! especially the ‘lack of control loophole’, that’s a corker. but in the end I think the one that especially struck home for me was the ‘we set out to get wrecked’ loophole – where we make a chain of seemingly insignificant decisions that allow us covertly to engineer the very circumstances that we’ll find irresistible.

I find a huge comfort in knowing that I am not alone in these mind-fuck subterfuges. that my subconscious is trying to herd my conscious mind in the direction it wants it to go, like kids taking over the school bus to go to Disneyland.

it’s a highly responsible job: adults only need apply.

well, you just sit down in the back, there, kids. I’m putting my bus driver’s hat on and I’m not taking any nonsense, and I’ll get you where you need to go.

happy Friday! love, Prim xx