but cute, no?

bunny image is substituting for one which I have been hunting for unsuccessfully – an image of LOTS of full glasses of wine which doesn’t risk being triggery. so you get the baby rabbit πŸ˜‰

there’s an interesting article here on the effect on cravings of imagining consuming a LOT of a substance. in this study volunteers were asked to imagine eating either three or thirty chocolates. interestingly, those who imagined eating thirty chocolates reported fewer cravings.

when the thought of drinking flies across my mind, as it does very very seldom nowadays, it is always of that mythical ‘one glass’. at that point perhaps one could imagine a sticky bar counter, with a line of smeared brimming glasses, stretching interminably along… not so appealing, perhaps? ugh ugh ugh… to take the nasty mental taste away please help yourself to one of my virtual chocolates:

this is The Chocolate Society’s Summer Collection – ten summer truffles including Raspberry and Earl Grey, Lime and Basil, Rhubarb and Ginger and Passionfruit with Coconut Caramel. those are the boys for me!