of course, this is going to be a tea book club. none of that other nonsense will ever be permitted into these hallowed halls.

at this moment I am sipping my mug of Teapigs fennel and liquorice, mmm delicious. so, which virtual tea would you like? builders’, Earl Grey, or herbal? and what vessel do you prefer – earthenware or porcelain? mug or cup and saucer?

I’m currently thinking about the first chapter of ‘Flow’ and am drafting a first post which will be published tomorrow, Monday 27 July. I hope that Monday evenings suit everyone and that it doesn’t clash with your virtual poledancing class….

if you’re reading the book too then GREAT. I’m really looking forward to hearing others’ thoughts on it! if you’re not then what I will try to do is provide an overview so that you can get the gist, too.

see you tomorrow! happy reading! Prim xx