I am 600 days sober today! and there will be cake, though not this one as it’s not mine, but was made for supergalactic on

haven’t come across it before, but there’s an interesting stop drinking forum as a sub-forum of their main site. have a look at their home page hereย – you don’t have to be a member to read the posts (something I object to on other sites, particularly if they are behind a paywall). however if you are a member you get a dinky little star which appears beside your name with your number of days sober on it!

it’s a moderated site, they have 27,847 readers and in a really nice touch on one of the pages is recorded the combined sobriety time of all members – a fantasticย 9,562,805 days! (though of course some of those days may not be people who are currently sober.)

there’s a general advice page here which has some grand stuff on it on stopping drinking which you might find useful even if you’re not interested in a forum. I liked this thread on sober life hacks – eg this one:

Plan. Think ahead. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m impulsive by nature, a “figure it out when I get there” type of person.

When I was in early sobriety, and stressed, and craving, my decision-making capacity closely resembled that of a squirrel crossing a street. I needed a plan, and a backup plan.

I treated any venture into a situation where I could be tempted as a Hollywood “Ocean’s Eleven” style heist movie. I would make certain there was gas in the car, and BACK it into the parking space. Cash in the pocket, and enough on the credit card for a hotel room. I knew the closest hotels, how to get there, and what they cost. I would call the local AA office and ask if they answered their phones late at night, and if not, can I get some direct local numbers. Same with my crew – I would let them know I was venturing forth, and might need to call them if my back was to the wall.

I obsessively planned my outs. Never had to use one, thank The Boss, but the plan was in place if it was needed.

these guys. in the first half of the film, yes?!

I am delighted to report that HMS Primrose is back in calmer waters after a couple of days of cutting out the fridge-contents inhalation and going for runs.

went out with buddies yesterday evening, on a muggy but beautiful run through the local countryside. not without its hazards, though, as the horseflies and midges were out in full force. more worryingly still, it is tick season with the accompanying risk of the truly ghastly Lyme Disease.

had great run, chat in pub afterwards, then came home and ate a healthyish supper. showering afterwards was horrified to find a small brown object adhering to my breastbone. in what is probably the last thing you should do with a tick, I scraped it off with my fingernail.

luckily – it was a sesame seed ๐Ÿ™‚

goals at 600 days? well, carrying on towards the two year mark at the start of November, which is a bit of a mental bookmark for me as the likely end of any episodes of PAWS. and in the process loosening up a bit, perhaps? more fun?

if I were to adopt any manifesto for this time, it would be something along these lines:


wishing the same for you today, my much-valued sober companions! Prim xx