after yesterday’s post and your thoughtful comments I’ve been brainstorming my personalised assemblage of needs. the collective noun for which is going to be my fruitcake because, well, if the cap fits πŸ˜‰

I would say that the ingredients of my needs fruitcake are as follows:

security and stimulation – often in my search for one I disregard my need for the other. and they are both valid needs and need to learn to play nicely with one another…

someone to love, and someone to love me – this came as a surprise to me, in that I thought of the former first, and it seems to have more importance to me than the latter… not sure what that says about me…. will ponder that.

and finally, a need for things to make sense – this is a really strong desire, the need to see patterns and reasons behind things. I’ve written before about my addiction story and how that pattern came close to dominating my life, rather than explaining it. it’s why I so appreciate my talisman reminding me that my life is an unfolding narrative. and as a reader to this blog you will know how much I appreciate structures and explanations of our seemingly random behaviours!

this list is useful to me as much for what it leaves out as what it includes. in particular, I felt it was ‘done’, and then realised that it had no reference to meaningful and fulfilling work – which is something I do place really high importance upon, in my day to day life – also, thought provoking….

sorry, lots of ‘dot dot dots’ in this post! lazy writing, I know…. πŸ˜‰

so, if you feel like sharing – what would be the chopped pecans, glacΓ© cherries and plump raisins in your own needs fruitcake?Β 

as ever – there are no wrong answers: