in his introductory video to the 2015 Recovery 2.0 conference (which you can watch at this bottom of this page here at present, but will probably come down soon) Tommy Rosen said:

We need examples of victory, to be in our day, almost every day. Someone who can say,

“I was where you are now. I thought like you’re thinking now. I worried whether my thinking would ever change, whether my life would ever get better. And I stand in front of you today to let you know that my life got better, and my thinking changed. There was an evolution.”

victory doesn’t always look like sunrises, podiums, and parades. sometimes it looks like calling it a day and going to bed at 8pm. sometimes it means fifteen minutes at a time. sometimes it looks like a clock whose hands seem to slow down in the witching hour. but every one of those damn minutes is an uproarious, magnificent victory.

because a series of tiny – almost imperceptible – shifts is one way that evolution happens. 

with every tick of the clock we are changing. hurrah!

just wanted to say an enormous thank you to all of those people who show me that it is possible by their example. you know who you are 😉  I hope I can continue to pass on that message every day.

just to pass on one final thought from Tommy (and I paraphrase here):

Every day I used to ask myself if I had been perfect. and the answer now is


love that so much! big love to you all! Prim xx