pink clouds still hanging out around my house. have you ever cut some horse chestnut twigs in bud and brought them inside to watch their sticky buds unfold in the warmth and light? this is how I’m feeling at the moment – freed from what I didn’t even realise was enprisonment, expanding and growing.

the title of this post is taken from a poem by Wendy Cope. here it is – tuck it into your pocket and carry it into your week with you! Prim xx

New Season

No coats today. Buds bulge on chestnut trees,
and on the doorstep of a big, old house
a young man stands and plays his flute.

I watch the silver notes fly up
and circle in blue sky above the traffic,
travelling where they will.

And suddenly this paving stone
mid-way between my front door and the bus stop
is a starting point.

From here I can go anywhere I choose.