Baby kudu, Lewa Game Park, Kenya

if you have a little time to listen to something wonderful, here are a couple of suggestions:

Krista Tippett’s interview with Mary Oliver is a precious jewel of a podcast. it has occurred to me to wonder whether in fact my alcohol dependency was in fact an outward symptom of a significant deficiency in my life – of poetry. the more poetry I can add to my life, the more alcohol retreats over the horizon behind me…

another podcast in the On Being series which I found fascinating was The Last Quiet Places, where Krista interviews Gordon Hempton, who speaks compellingly on the value of silence in today’s noisy world. what was particularly interesting to me was his discussion of how the human ear has evolved to hear different ranges of sound, and what that implies for our well being. as I begin to learn to meditate, the value of sound, and silence, and how we learn to focus or open up our attention, is becoming very apparent to me.

the On Being podcasts are a new discovery. I found them via this post from Tonia at studyinbrown, whose writing is as refreshing and clear as a glass of cool water on a hot day. this is what she has to say about another subject I have been pondering lately: how best to consider our online interactions:

Online, we see the vast interconnectedness of humanity, see how idea and action stew and burn to become fertilizer and soil and bone and living tissue. And yet we also find ourselves – removed as we are from touching and feeling and the use of our senses by a screen – desensitized to the world we have grown.

American ecologist and conservationist Aldo Leopold said,

“A thing is right when it tends to preserve the integrity, stability, and beauty of the biotic community. It is wrong when it tends otherwise.”

His words are perhaps, for me, the most helpful way of looking at the issue:  are my online interactions enhancing my life within the community AND the community’s life as a whole? Are my daily interactions bringing stability and beauty, increasing the integrity of my relationships and connections? Perhaps I am being led to realize that my online life could mirror the created world with its natural cycles of growth, pruning, harvest and fallowness. I’m leaning into that idea and catching the rhythm of it. We’ll see where it takes us.

For now, we’re working out a plan that is more than nothing and less than all. I’m still pretty limited as to the amount of time I’m actually here, but I think it’s working out just fine.’

more than nothing and less than all sounds like a good plan to me.

have a good Monday and a great week! Prim xx