am taking some changes in direction at the moment which I am still processing and am not sure if I want to include in detail on the blog. there’s some relationship stuff and some work crap in there too so quite probably wouldn’t be appropriate…

snapshot from my day so far: driving to and from location to do with work which involves a series of roundabout junctions. you know those birds that migrate thousands of miles every year and return to the same nest? well, one of those birds has my spatial memory and is putting it to excellent use. a succession of roundabouts with various left and right turns which I then have to reverse on the return journey is just exactly what I have difficulty in processing…

so today made it there ok but on way back came to penultimate roundabout and was pretty sure it was the second exit I needed to take. so went around towards it. past first exit signposted as, let’s say, the A123 to Somewherelseville. nope, that’s not where I want to go. then driving towards the second exit – and there is no bloody sign.

so drove round the roundabout one more time, then took the second, un-signposted exit. on the basis that it had to be where I wanted to go, because it wasn’t going where I didn’t.

while shouting whilst turning, “Why are there are no fucking signs on this road?!” and having to stop for a howl in the next lay-by before driving on.

sometimes – there are no signs.

sometimes you have to work out which way to take by a process of elimination. sometimes the only way forward is to not take the way you know you don’t want to go anymore. sometimes a double negative is as good as you get.

the sharp-eyed among you will have noticed that the image illustrating this post is of how to navigate a roundabout in France. because life in the second year of sobriety is still sometimes like driving on the wrong side of the road, with shouting, swearing and crying as part of the journey. and that’s fine, too.

mirror. signal. manoeuvre…..