me, writing this post

in last few weeks have just been what Terry Pratchett would describe as ‘dragged kicking and screaming into the Century of the Fruitbat’.

gentle reader, I have discovered podcasts.

I started off gently about a year ago with Belle’s podcast series, sample here: a must have. I subscribed to those.

then whoopee, I found The Bubble Hour! but hadn’t quite got my head round how to subscribe to those and synch across my laptop and iPhone (I may sound as if I know what I’m talking about here – but even now, it is all bluff.) so listened to them by clicking on the pretty button – it might be called streaming. I think. they call themselves Blog Talk Radio – is that like, internet radio? I genuinely have no idea how this stuff works…

anyway after a hectic festive season where the podcasts were listened to perhaps more frequently than ever before I used up all of my virtual grapefruit (or whatever the fuck my internet service provider calls it) and RAN OUT OF INTERNET MAGIC BEANS.

oh, bloody HELL. don’t cut me off, guuyyyysss…..

anyway after some struggling I have learnt HOW TO DOWNLOAD PODCASTS and how to get them from the box on my desk to the gizmo in my pocket. I am a technowizard, folks!

and look, look, look, there is all sorts of bloody amazing stuff out there! I went looking for sober podcasts and found this post from soberjournalist doing the same (thank you!)

have tried a couple so far featuring people I’d heard of 😉

firstly Since Right Now – think I tried and failed to listen to the episode with Paul from Message in a Bottle when it first came out. listened to it yesterday – immensely powerful. thank you Paul! their website also has links to some other sober resources which look great. it’s a relaxed chat by some blokes with a good deal of recovery time under their belts. some things they just drop by the wayside in conversation really get me thinking.

another one is Anna David on After Party Chat –a weekly podcast that features interviews with musicians, actors, comedians and writers about addiction, sobriety, recovery and mental illness (all the fun stuff!)’ so far I’ve listened to her interview with Tommy Rosen and am looking forward to hearing her talk to Rich Roll.

it’s like a whole, you know, undiscovered universe! do you have any favourite podcasts you think I might enjoy on my mission beyond the stars?! Prim xx