looking for some new music the other day I came across Frank Turner and this song of his, The Next Round’s On Me:Β a poignant song about what it is like to be stuck on Planet Booze with no spaceship home….

as I said in my last post, I was stuck there myself for so long. I didn’t know there even was a way to escape. and recovery is a long journey but worth every effort it takes.

getting sober felt like my last chance saloon. because suppose I put all my faith and effort into it, and life didn’t get immeasurably better? where would I have to go then? so perhaps I didn’t try for so long, in case it didn’t work?

and there were awesomely hideous and grim moments, especially in the first 100 days, when I had the emotional self-knowledge of Godzilla and would have torn off the head of any passer-by who offered me a gin and tonic. when the only place to hide was in the bath – because then I was at least a minute away from alcohol – rather than the twenty seconds it would be if I weren’t naked and upstairs. so if you are in the first 100 days and feeling like that – congratulations. you are right on track. keep going πŸ™‚Β 

and now there are shitty days but that is LIFE. nothing to do with the absence from my system of a drug.

I am sober, and I don’t feel like I’m fixing to die.Β the shittiest day sober is a gazillion times better than a drinking day. thank God.

I hope you have found the escape pod, too. it’s there when you start looking. it really is.

have a great Sunday! Prim xx

post-edited to add: that was a bit lowering – here’s a much chirpier song of his as an antidote –Β “get up and get down and get outside” πŸ™‚