from Four Reasons to Hold On a Little Longer by Marc and Angel:

‘If you feel like you’re at the end of your rope with little slack left to hold on to, realise your mind is lying to you. It has imprisoned you by reciting self-defeating stories in your head – stories about your mistakes, what you should have done differently, and so forth. Your mind has built a mental cell out of these negative thoughts and you’ve begun to believe you are actually living in it.

But you’re NOT.

You are alive in an immense world with infinite destinations. Take a moment to remind yourself of this fact. Go outside. Look up at the sky and the clouds or the stars. THIS is the world in which you really live. Breathe it in. Then look at your current situation again.

Remember that adversity is the first path to truth. Your defeats often serve as well as your victories to shake your spirit and let your glory out. You just have to hold on tight, embrace the daily pain and burn it as fuel for your journey…’

if you’d like to, you can read more here. have a great week! Prim xx