have just been listening on iPlayer to a new BBC radio comedy-drama series based in an AA meeting, called Love in Recovery. it stars amongst others John Hannah and the fantastic Rebecca Front. in the first episode, her character, a three-weeks sober ex-banker, starts to see she might have more in common with the rest of the group than she thinks…

the series is written by Pete Jackson, who is himself in recovery and has drawn on his own AA experience in writing it. as the BBC blurb says,

‘It was there he found, as many people do, support from the unlikeliest group of disparate souls, all banded together due to one common bond. As well as offering the support he needed throughout a difficult time, AA also offered a weekly, sometimes daily, dose of hilarity, upset, heartbreak and friendship.’

this may be the closest I ever get to the rooms 😉

here’s the first episode (the actual programme starts at 1:39, and may not be available if you aren’t in the UK, so sorry.)

enjoy! and save me a chocolate digestive! Prim xx