feeling tickled pink, today

trying to work out this morning, when talking to my counsellor, how long I’ve been sober for… and realised that a monthly soberversary went past on 4 January without me noticing. well, that is a genu-wine first, sober buddies. if you had said to me a year ago that (a) I would get this far and (b) I would lose track of how long it had been I would have either have fallen on your neck weeping tears of gratitude, or laughed disbelievingly.

so. here I am. fourteen months is how long it took me to miss the passing of a sober monthiversary, apparently. feeling like this, now it’s happened:

love this woman so much.

and saying this here not to brag or to show off (I hope) but to mark for myself how far I’ve come. and because if I can, it’s entirely possible that anyone reading it can, too.

big thought from today’s counselling session, also helped along by Sharon’s comment on my NYE post: when considering how I am doing today, I need to compare myself not to how I was when I stopped drinking, but to how I would be by now if I hadn’t stopped then.

I am so thankful that I swapped horses in midstream. if I had stayed on the little one, there’s every likelihood that the waters would have gone over my head by now.

as it is, I am hugely thankful that, however deep the water may get, I am now on the right damn horse 🙂