sorry. sorry. sorry.

I have been sober for thirteen and a half months. I know myself FAR better than I knew myself back in the boozing days. so I am writing myself a list of festive do’s and don’ts which I will pin up on the inside of my eyeballs to be referred to in case of emergency:


  • compare this Christmas to those in the past
  • assume responsibility for other people’s feelings
  • count other people’s drinks
  • eat when bored
  • specifically, don’t eat Christmas pudding. the taste of alcohol in it made you feel sick last year. it’s not for you, any more. you need to buy (notmakewhatareyoucrazy?) a delicious alternative, like, tomorrow
  • take offence at anything at all anybody says. instead, smile like Ingrid BergmanΒ and say nothing –Β far more annoying
  • do any housework. this may be an unrealistic goal. but I believe in aiming high


  • hug and laugh often
  • cry if you need to
  • go for a run on Christmas morning
  • eat when it’s delicious
  • make your no-jito mint syrup and serve the no-jitos proudly in your new 1930’s green highball glasses πŸ™‚
  • remember that it’s just one day ffs
  • re-read your post from last Christmas to remind yourself, if necessary, that Christmas is better without alcohol.Β 

I will probably be checking in just as much as usual to soberverse (if not more!) but in case you don’t, may I wish you a joyful and peaceful Christmas right now. a sober one – if that’s where you are at the moment – and hope for finding a path towards whatever makes you happy, if not.

lots of love and a very Merry Christmas!

Prim xxx

post edited to add – here’s a photo of my no-jito kit for Lori!