sorry folks this is a depressing post so look away now if you’re not feeling up to it…

saw this report a couple of days ago about a mobile treatment unit that will be stationed in Bristol city centre specifically to deal with people who have had too much to drink:

it has been converted from a lorry at a cost of Β£500,000 funded by licensees (via the National Licensed Trade Association) but will be staffed by NHS paramedics, and will be used to ease pressure on A&E units.

the tour around the bus absolutely gave me chills. I know several paramedic staff and their thoughts about their workload at this time of year are scarcely printable already. the idea of them working in this seventh circle of hell just shows what to a state this country has sunk…

what price ‘fun’, now? and what can I do to ensure that my children won’t be visiting the ‘this is where the party ends’ bus one day?

Post edited to add: I have just seen that this bus is known as an Alcohol Recovery Centre, or ARC. surely, surely we must do something SOON as a society to reverse the flood of alcohol threatening to overwhelm our country??

festive programming on this blog will be resumed as soon as possible! and in particular am looking forward to answering some of your lovely comments on previous posts, am most remiss! Prim xx