particularly fabulous episode of The Bubble Hour this week, I thought.

all about how we don’t need alcohol to have fun. guest speakers – the always wonderful Lotta Dan aka Mrs D, and Scott who is also like a shot of espresso 😉 I listened to the first half of it yesterday while doing a distinctly un-fun job. and there was one part that specifically resonated after my post about symbols yesterday. as Lotta says,

“the power wasn’t in the glass – it was in me!”

and yes, it takes practice – laughing my head off at Lotta describing her first sober events as if she was wearing a gorilla suit. I SO identify with that.

went to a primary school musical recital last night. ridiculously proud of every single one of them. and afterwards watching them excitedly (and relievedly!) pack away their instruments… all in a little Christmassy bubble of happiness.

it’s recital season here at Primrose Towers and in previous years this has been a strain, to be honest. and it’s NOT, this year. this year I’m taking it as a chance to have a flipping sit-down for an hour and people-watch with a mince pie in my hand. what could be more fun than that?!

to be again the seven year old sitting cross-legged on the floor with an accordion, practicing Jingle Bells without a care in the world…

what are you going to do that is FUN today? me, I’m going to be looking at accordions on Ebay 🙂