Sean Connery in Zardoz. you are very welcome πŸ™‚

what? you don’t think your husband would appreciate this particular outfit? but it’s what you think he should be wearing. surely it’s only reasonable for him to fit in with other people’s expectations of how he should behave? he wouldn’t want to upset anyone, would he? to cause even the slightest ripple at a social event?

OK, so this is my ‘how not to drink at Christmas’ post. it’s 2 December. I’m stocking up on the ammunition. better men and women than I have said much of the good stuff already. in particular, inΒ Mr Sponsor Pants AnnualΒ Holiday Survival GuideΒ andΒ Mrs D’s Sober First Aid Kit. hopefully there’ll be much more coming along.

but really – that image tells me all I need to know. me drinking this Christmas would be as good an idea as my husband sporting that outfit – because drinkingΒ just doesn’t suit me any more. and the little rebel in me is now relishing not drinking as much as she relished drinking.

it’s going to be a long month, dealing with other people’s expectations of us. but let’s nurture our sense of the ridiculous. it’s one of our most powerful tools, if we can keep it handy.

love, and purple thigh boots, to you all! Prim xx