golly. it’s incredibly hard to write about how amazing it is to attend a sober meet-up without saying more about the sober meet-up than is appropriate or desirable.

I could tell you about how, compared to my previous (and first ever) sober meetup, I was less anxious on the way there. that, this time, while I was there, I worried less about what people thought of me and was more concerned about how everyone else seemed to be experiencing the event. I think it’s probably acceptable to say that my expectations of not being able to guess accurately in advance what anyone would be like in real life were entirely met!

but – how can I describe what it is like to talk with other sober people for several hours?

it is like removing my hands from my own face, and looking up, warily at first, to see that everyone else has dropped their defences as well. it is seeing the light of others’ true selves shining out, and knowing that your own eyes are on fire with that too.

it is humbling and empowering at the same time. together, we are more than the sum of our parts.

if we spent time together today – it was an honour. thank you.