supper at our house before I kicked Wolfie out. I’m on the left, obv.

…when a waitress brings me and Mr P two glasses of prosecco sur la maison as a special treat? ans: smile sweetly and reply, “that’s such a kind thought, but actually I don’t drink. could I possibly have a fruit juice, instead?”

…when you post an achievement on FB and an old friend you haven’t seen for a while comments, “hope you have lots of WINE tonight!!!”? ans: private message her “we obviously haven’t seen each other for far too long as I don’t drink at all, these days! am a teetotal runner, who ever wd have thought it?! how’s life with you?”

…when you are deciding when to celebrate a soberversary? ie is it day 365 or day 366?

today is my day 365 – hurrah, gadzooks, jugs of no-jitos to the Chinese drawing room, please, Carson!

but will be celebrating one year sober tomorrow, as it doesn’t yet feel like a whole year. we celebrate our birthdays on the day we are born, yes? and I was born as a sober person on 4 November 2013. so tomorrow will be my soberversary, to my mind.

any other examples of sober etiquette you’ve made up for yourself?!

one day to go to one year 🙂 🙂